Misandric heterophobic race traitor.: You can't "relate" to us, white people. »


A lot of you desperately try to. You hear stories by us, and you experienced something that’s similar, so you go and talk about yourself.

Totally erasing the differences between us. It’s a HUGE derail.

You’re showing that you don’t want to embrace our differences from you….

Dion, the Socialist.: Name any negative thing in the world and check some statistics and see... »


Name any negative thing in the world and check some statistics and see that it will ALWAYS affect people of color disproportionately than whites. Poverty, starvation, homelessness, lack of education, sexual assault, infant mortality, debt, police abuse, poor health, depression, whatever. White…

being up at three am

on christmas morning reminds me of an event that took place during my little childhood.

setting: my seventh christmas eve, my bedroom. dad’s tucking me in.

me: i’m so excited about christmas daddy! i don’t think i’ll be able to sleep this year!
dad: you know what my momma told me when i was your age about christmas eve?
me: what?
dad: it’s very important to go to sleep, so you don’t see santa.
me: but i wanna see santa!
dad: bad idea honey.
me: but why?
dad: because if santa comes and knows that you’re awake he’ll toss little clouds of pepper into your eyes. it’ll sting and you’ll HAVE to close them.
me: O_____________________________________________________O
dad: goodnight sweetheart, sleep tight! *exits stage left*
me:*immediately buries head under blankets and my pillow*